IFIC – Shilpo Sohay

Loan product for any Bangladeshi potential entrepreneures or group of entrepreneures (maximum 05) who has the business of Cottage & Micro Enterprise i,e, Pottery, Cane & Bamboo, Handloom, Goldsmith, Handicrafts, Jewellery and other manufacturing, service & trading business and has minimum 01 (one) years business experience in particular activity or line of cottage & micro sized business.

Entrepreneurs must be full time involved in the business.
Entrepreneurs must be a permanent resident in his/her business area.
Monthly cash flow to support loan repayment.

Term Loan.

Maximum Tk.50.00 thousand for individually operated cottage enterprise.
Maximum Tk.3.00 lac for individually operated micro enterprise.
Maximum Tk.2.50 lac for group lending in case of cottage enterprise.

Maximum 60 (Sixty) months.

Maximum three months on the basis of business nature.

Third party personal guaranty as acceptable to bank.

Equal Monthly Installment (EMI).