Krishi Saronjam Rin

IFIC Bank offers Krishi Saronjam Rin to individual /Group at micro level for purchasing of agricultural machinery like new power tiller/power tiller with plough (tractor), single cylinder tractor with plough, power tiller with trolley, Rotavator etc.

Any individual /Group (minimum 02 member maximum 10) aged above 18 years and below 60 years at the time of sanction of loan.
At least 3 years involved in agro-based production.
Having homestead and permanently living in the area.

Minimum Tk.50,000/-
Maximum Tk.1,500,000/-

Minimum 12 (Twelve) months.
Maximum 36 (Thirty six) months.

Lease Financing / Term Loan.

Equal Monthly Installment.

Collateral security not required for loan upto Tk. 1,000,000/-.

Quick Processing & least formalities.