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International Finance Investment and Commerce Bank Limited (IFIC Bank) is banking company incorporated in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh with limited liability.

It was set up at the instance of the Government in 1976 as a joint venture between the Government of Bangladesh and sponsors in the private sector with the objective of working as a finance company within the country and setting up joint venture banks/financial institutions aboard.

It is a unique transactional account where both deposit and overdraft facility is enabled in a single account.
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IFIC Aagami
IFIC Aagami is an exclusive monthly DPS account which offers attractive return
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IFIC Home Loan
No Hidden Charge | Early Settlement without any Fee & Restrictions | Loan also Available for Semi-pakaa Building
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Super Saving Plus
Flexible monthly installment based Savings Scheme for school going students.
Duronta : Savings Account for Students
Savings Account for students (Both Minor & Adult students can open this account)
Millionaire Dream Plan (MDP)
If You dream to be a Millionaire, then Millionaire Dream Plan is the perfect Savings Scheme for You.
Sanchitta Savings Account
A Savings Account specially designed to cater the financial needs of female customers.
Pension Savings Scheme (PSS)
Savings Scheme with attractive maturity value. Attractive Return on Investment
School Savings Plan – A Plus
Easy monthly installment based scheme account for school going students
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12 - October 2015
Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina received
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Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina received a cheque of Tk 1.0 Crore from Chairman of IFIC Bank Limited Mr. Salman F Rahman for the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund at a ceremony on 12 October 2015. Managing Director & CEO of the Bank Mr. Shah Alam Sarwar was also present during the handing over ceremony held […]